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Raw Sugar Handling

From the port or from raw sugar factories, the raw sugar is transported to Raw Sugar Ware house, situated in the factory by trucks


Raw cane sugar is mainly come from South America, Africa, and Australia and is transported by ships with a capacity from 10000 to 36000 t. In general, the larger the ship, the lower is the ocean-freight cost. The sugar is unloaded from the cargo vessel at the dock by crane and grab bucket. It is a good idea to install a conveyor system capable of unloading a vessel in about 24 hours because the ship companies charge overtime for unloading after that period. Standalone Sugar refineries are built next to a port and should have their own dock and sugar storing facilities.


The raw sugar is transported to the factory by truck or railcar. Therefore, the factory must have a storage facility that can hold sugar equal to 90 days of its refining capacity.


The Raw Sugar is transferred from trucks after weighment to a Warehouse which will distribute the Raw Sugar uniformly through the length of warehouse or will directly convey to the Refinery house. The stored raw Sugar, when needed are transferred by a Mobile Shovel Loader to a set of Belt Conveyors and Elevators to the Refinery Plant. The Raw sugar Warehouse is having a storage capacity which is sufficient to cater for three months requirement.


An average density of 800 to 900 kg/m3 is used for raw-sugar storage calculations.